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          Tips to Beat the Heat!

          Tips to Beat the Heat!

If you weren’t sure by now, summer has arrived, and it’s brought a slew of record-breaking high temperatures with it this year!.

High heat can cause you and your home all sorts of issues, which can quickly become dangerous if you’re unprepared. Here are some ways to avoid risk and what your insurance can do during this heatwave:

  • Stay Cool — Have fun in the sun - safely. Avoid the hottest part of the day, and stay indoors if you have any medical conditions. If you do go outside, remember to bring water and a hat or umbrella - shade is your friend!
  • Overworked AC — Your HVAC or AC will be running overtime to keep you cool! Make sure you use your window shades and keep external openings, like windows and doors, closed during the hottest hours of the day. 
  • Car Trouble — Vehicles can overheat if they haven’t had proper maintenance. Make sure yours is in good shape, and all the fluids are topped up. Try to use your car during the cooler hours of the day and park in the shade when you're able.

So next time you see those temperatures climb remember - by limiting exposure, planning around your local climate, and maximizing shade, you can avoid some of the summery issues above.

Have fun, and stay cool!

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